Do I need to bring a Guitar?
There are guitars of mine that can be borrowed on a start up basis, but ultimately it’s better for students to have and bring there own.

How much are lessons?
Currently rates are set at £40 per individual for an hour. For two people it is £44.

Are There any concessions?
Concessions are made for batch bookings, (although terms apply) e. g. 5 for £150
For two people – £60/ hour; £30/ half hour. For three: £70/ hour; £40/ half hour

How long before I get any good?
This is difficult to answer, depending on what age, how co-ordinated, previous instrument participation. Everyone is different so it is impossible to generalise, however feedback will be provided throughout the training, and fast progress is common.

Where are lessons held?
Lessons can be held either at my home studio, in Totterdown. Or at your home, however there would be a charge for travel (depending on how far).

What age restrictions are there?
None really, my youngest student so far has been 4 years old (although Ukelele works better for tiny people), the oldest is 81.